Divya Udarkalp Churna 100 Gm




This medicine suppresses biles and is laxative and purgative medicine. Divya udarkalp churna cleans stomach and treats constipation. Its use does not produce any problem or irritation in the intestines. It inflames stomach fire and hence increases digestion capacity. The nature of women, children and old persons is very delicate and hence, strong powders, sold in the market could cause harm to them, but this ‘churna’ is totally harmless and most effective to them. Different herbs and other materials of ayurveda importance are refined to form powder. Base, salt and acid mixed powder is warm in nature, digestible, tasteful and ignites hunger. Sugar or candy mixed powders are rich in purgation quality, cool and bile suppressive while powders formed of bitter items treat fever and phlegm. The medicines prepared of herbs, which are finely grinned after being dried are called ‘churna’ in ayurveda.



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